sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009

And the girl, don't underestimate her ;

I thought I was a fool for no-one. Oh baby I´m a fool for you. You´re the queen of the superficial. And how long before you tell the truth ;

Oh baby dont you know I suffer? Oh baby can you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses. How long before you let me go? You set my soul alight ;

Always where...

Oooh woh oh I’m a man on the scene, I’m a man and I can be so obscene, ‘Cause I always think I know how to be, But I always thought I would end up with you eventually ♫

I see the sun rising, and all you see is It fall, fall, fall ;

Oh you can have it all and wrap it in the world. You can have everything. You can have love and lots of other things. To make you think. But when it all comes down to you girl. Yeah no matter what you do. Take a look at yourself and realize, I've been good to you ;

And don't be a star, it's such a drag. Take care of yourself, don't begin to lag. It's a hard life to live, so live it well. I'll be your friend and not in pretend. I know you girl, in all situations. And ooh la, she was such a good girl to me. And ooh la, the world just chewed her up, and spat her out. And ooh la, she was such a good girl to me. And ooh la, the world just chewed her up, and spat her out ♫

Humilliation ;

That's the way I feel ;

A pesar de todo,

Sos la mejor ;

sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

And the church behind -

I'm not perfect, so what? what are you gonna do about it?

I won't say I'm in love.

We are soooo beautiful my god!

And I don't care what my teacher says, I'm gonna be a supermodel ; HAHA

And then, the fucking hangover - MG

Screaaaam for your life ~

Oink Oink, I'm Mrs Piggy.


Puedes mirarme pero no tocarme, puedes mirar pero no tocar, estes de acuerdo o no.

Oh! oh! oh! Merry christmas old town!, yeah, we have beard.

No se de donde habremos sacado esa idea, but It's kinda of funny.

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Otra prueva.

Otra prueva.

Everyone has those moments...

My Mummy and me.

I don't know why, but I just can't live without it ;

Si ya se, pero bueno, la felicidad me puede chicas.

Crunchy face.

My daddy and me.

My mum says that's not me - I have no idea why she thinks that anyway.

Pa' que veas que yo tmb soy otra estupida que tambien se saca ESAS fotos.

Para que te des cuenta que EL FLEQUILLO, IT'S NOT MY THING.

Crees que solo te quiero para una vez, pero ¿sabes qué? Dos estaría bien .

I wanna be sedated - piriot

Do you remember when we first met? You told me this gets harder well it did.

Love us all please, stay on your feet.